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Mel Cooper

Chair, Telus Victoria Community Board

Mel Cooper is a Newfoundlander by birth…and claims this might account for his early move into broadcasting and for a sense of humour which has helped make him one of Canada’s most popular convention and conference speakers. Mel was raised on Signal Hill in the shadow of Cabot Tower where Marconi received the first radio signal. He moved with his family to Vancouver to complete his schooling at Vancouver College and at the University of British Columbia. In 1951, he began a radio career as an announcer and journalist that blossomed quickly into senior management positions. As a Vice-President of Western Broadcasting and General Manager of CKNW in Vancouver, he developed a country-wide reputation for innovation, leadership and creativity. Mel concluded a 52-year radio career with the sale of C-FAX and CHBE-FM in Victoria.

Mel’s involvement in community projects has made him one of the province’s most active supporters of community organizations, as well as an expanding list of charitable groups. The BC Association of Broadcasters officially recognized this involvement by naming Mel the “Broadcast Citizen of the Year” and “Broadcaster of the Year.”

In 1985, Mel agreed to donate his full-time services to the EXPO ’86 Corporation. As Vice-President he headed a division that was responsible for raising $171 million in corporate support, a World’s Fair record. He was a key member of the Canadian Bid Committee that won the 1994 Commonwealth Games for Victoria and was chairman of the Board of Governors of this major international event. For these and other contributions, the Province of B.C. named him an “Ambassador of Tourism,” and in 1992, awarded him The Order of British Columbia.

Junior Achievement recognized his considerable contributions by naming him the Victoria “Enterpriser of Excellence.” The Variety Club of B.C. gave him its highest award, the “Golden Heart.” He’s also been honoured as the Victoria “Business Person of the Year” and has received two lifetime awards, for leadership and achievement. In 1989, he received the ultimate honour when he was named a Member of the Order of Canada.

Mel also has had varied business involvements. He was one of the founders of Air BC and chaired the airline for 20 years. He served for 15 years as a director of the TELUS Corporation and 10 years on the Board of the Royal Bank of Canada. He is currently chair of the TELUS Victoria Community Board.

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As of February 5, 2016, Parks Canada announced that it would no longer be a partner or a supporter in the Never Forgotten National Memorial, and would as well, refuse permission for its construction at the Green Cove site. While the NFNM Foundation remains as a registered charity and continues to accept donations, we would however like to make it abundantly clear, that we are not actively engaged in any and all fundraising activities, that would be specifically intended for the sole purpose of the actual construction of this very same memorial at the Green Cove, or for that matter, at any other alternative and/or suggested sites.

However, we have and will remain strongly committed to our current mandate/goal of “Keeping The Flame Alive” for the sole purpose of achieving the final successful realization of the Never Forgotten National Memorial, and with that, in the creation of Mother Canada at that very same Green Cove site, and one that will forever be in the sanctity and the protection of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.



A warm welcome and please do take a moment to properly review the considerable amount of information that is available on this site.

A great deal of careful attention, planning and research has gone into its creation, and we sincerely hope that you will passionately agree, as we do, that there is indeed an absolutely vital need for this national memorial to be proudly built on Canadian soil.

If so, then we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact your local MP to clearly express your strong personal support and enthusiasm for the successful realization of the Never Forgotten National Memorial, and with that, in the patriotic creation of Mother Canada at the Green Cove site, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.