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Grete Hale

Chair, Beechwood Cemetery and<br>Funeral Services and<br>the Beechwood Foundation.

Grete comes from a pioneer family whose great great grandfather arrived in this area in 1818 to work for his uncle Philemon Wright, the founder of what is now called Gatineau.

She has lived all her life in the oldest house in Ottawa, built in 1818. From her parents she learnt the importance of being a contributor of one’s community. She has served thousands of volunteer hours, chaired hundreds of board meetings and kept them on time and on agenda and has offered sound advice and wise counsel as a respected businesswomen and inspired community leader. Her volunteer work has been recognized by many awards including The Order of Canada and Honorary Degrees from the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and Algonquin College. She received a 3 year government appointment to be the Honorary Colonel of the Governor General’s Foot Guards. She has been a member of the Beechwood Cemetery Board for over 20 years.

Though she may be in her 86th year, she continues to count her blessings. As she says, “There have been lots of bumps on my life’s journey and many unexpected turnings, but when you are at peace with God and yourself, you find the strength and courage to weather them all. I am one very grateful and proud Canadian.

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